About Kylie

Kylie Faith Halter is a red-headed goddess from Fairfax, Virginia who loves puppies, wine, feminism, food, historical fiction, historical non-fiction, France, warm beaches, yoga, alpine skiing, social work, and somehow... John Mallory. After graduating from Fairfax High School in 2004, she made her way down to William & Mary where her time was evenly divided between the Accidentals, The Christopher Wren Singers, traipsing around France, attending occasional Kappa meetings, and being awesome. After graduating with fancy Latin honors for her double major in French and History in 2008, Kylie sacrificed 2 years of her soul to work at some corporate law firm in DC. One small perk of this experience (besides a steady paycheck in the midst of an economic crises) was the beginning of her relationship with John.  As their relationship grew with nauseating speed, she continued to cultivate another love... her passion for helping others by volunteering at the DC Rape Crisis Center. This experience solidified her desire to make a career of helping others by moving to the windy city to pursue her Master's in Social Work at the University of Chicago. John might be foolish, but also knew a good thing when he saw it and promptly followed her to Chi-town where they live in an awesome little apartment 7 blocks from Wrigley field.

For those who don't know her:

1) Why are you looking at our wedding website your creepy stalker?

2) She's the most wonderfully empathetic intellectual feminist you can imagine. Her love of others is only paralleled by her love of cooking for others. She's a fierce thinker hidden underneath a deceivingly friendly facade, and John loves the hell out of her... even though she actually thinks Monopoly is a fun use of time.

About John

John Laurence Mallory is a gangly running fool from Parkersburg, West Virginia (or southeast Ohio... depending on when you ask him) who loves big cities, big wide open spaces, travel, red wine, dark chocolate, marathons, preventing sexual violence, comedy, preventing sexual violence through comedy, soccer, NFL players who display actual signs of character (Drew Brees, Scott Fujita, Darrel Green, etc), classical music, new adventures, and a lovely little ginger named Kylie Halter. After graduating from Parkersburg High School in 2000, John somehow snuck into William & Mary where he over-committed to singing, fraternity, tour guiding, and sexual assault prevention. After academically limping out of college with a bachelors in Physics, John continued to work in violence prevention with a few organizations who sent him to Colleges, Communities, Military Instillations, and even 10 months living on an RV. All these adventures eventually brought him to Washington DC where he fell for a flirtatious young woman named Kylie. When she discussed her interest in moving to pursue her master's degree, John started packing and now lives in Chicago where he keeps most of his stuff (and his fiancee) while continuing to travel around the world to educate others about sexual assault. 

For those who don't know him:

1) See sub-section 1 of "About Kylie"

2) He's the most organized mess you'll ever know. When given 3 options, John will ask for all 5 while still sneaking out the door in his running shoes to crank out a few miles.  Even though he loves his work and the new places it brings him, John always looks forward to coming home to Kylie where she'll complain about the 72 degree weather being too cold while serving up something amazingly delicious that she created in some MacGyver-esque fashion from the 4.2 random ingredients found in their kitchen.

How they met

If you've gotten this far (and done the math), you'll realize that although Kylie and John are both proud graduates of William & Mary, their college years never actually overlapped. They probably met several times at various college homecomings over the years, but they're interest in each other didn't finally spark until May of 2009 when both were living in Washington DC. Despite her terrible skills at mixing drinks and general social awkwardness, John repeatedly made attempts to see the lovely red head who had caught his eye. Kylie was delightfully oblivious to his intentions and they were getting nowhere. However, on one fateful Friday, John found out that Kylie was meeting some friends at a post-work happy hour and made the necessary arrangements to meet up. That evening both John and Kylie independently decided to to try and win the other over by being overly flirtatious and out-going. As they attempted to one-up each other with exaggerated interest and flattering compliments, the rest of their friends watched in adorable disgust.

A few weeks later as their infatuation reached near-epic levels, John left for a 6 week backpacking trip to Spain and Thailand. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder because once he finally returned, they could scarcely be found apart. Leaving town for work became less of an adventure and more of a test in patience away from the woman he loved. They found an apartment, she found a graduate program, they found another apartment, he found a ring, and the rest is about to begin. 

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